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Call us for a consultation. Our initial Meet & Greets are always FREE! We'll work with you to create a custom plan that fits your pet's needs.

Meet & Greet

20 minutes

At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. This required meeting will be scheduled at least

48 hours prior to service.

*Let’s Walk!

20-30 minutes

A perfect walk for dogs of all ages and sizes. Ideal for young dogs needing lots of exercise, a younger pup needing a potty break and love, or perfect for a dog that needs half and half. Our visit is custom fit for all their needs!

*Cat Visits

These visits consist of litter box scooping, feeding, watering, and playing with/grooming your cat!

*Birds, etc.!

We can’t forget about all the other wonderful types of pets out there! Birds, gerbils, hamsters, mice, chinchillas, etc. Care includes feeding, watering, cleaning of cages and anything else that goes along with the territory!

Drop In

3 Minutes or less

Short drop in to transfer keys (pick up or drop off), check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler system, close windows, etc.


Overnight cost includes evening and next morning routine & walk(s), overnight stay, feedings, medications, playtime, plant watering, etc. that household and pets need for the duration of pet sitters stay.

Dog Park Visits

Includes pick up and drop off within 5 miles and 60 minutes playtime.

*Subcutaneous Fluids

Price is per session- 10% discount to those with pets needing multiple visits for fluid injections.


We accept cash, checks, credit cards,and money orders.

  • Mid-day clients - Payments due every Friday.
  • Vacation clients - Payments are due the day we begin service.
  • Returned Check Fee - Clients agree to pay a $25.00 fee for each check returned by the client's bank, regardless of the reason.

Inclement Weather

Except for those clients away from home, mid-day walks will be cancelled if the schools and the government are closed.

If only the schools are closed, we will still be still providing service for that day. If you decide you’re not going to work that day, please call by 8:00 am to advise us that service is not required. In the event of excessive snow and / or ice accumulation on sidewalks/walking paths, extreme hot and cold, thunderstorms with lightening, heavy rains, etc. outings may be shorter than usual in the interest of safety for your pet(s) and us.

Cancellation Policy

We request a 24 hour notice to cancel any pet care service, except overnight visits which must be cancelled 1 week in advance. Less than a 12 hour or 1 week notice will result in paying for that midday or the first day of pet sitting services. To cancel an ongoing midday service in its entirety or for an extended period of time, we require a two week notice prior to the stoppage of service.

*Lots of TLC included! All medications, play time, 

bringing in mail, alternating lights or draperies, and

plant watering are included with each service

and it's price!


Phone: (703) 300-5999

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